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This community is dedicated to a science based teaching of the human body through medical research. I have two ambitious goals - one, to make medical research understandable for you to make educated health decisions; two, bridging the gap between the public and research literacy, empowering others by teaching how to read medical research, for yourself. See how I can serve you, below.

About Me


Hi, my name's Nic; I'm the owner and operator of Physionic. I created Physionic, because I needed an outlet to share my giddy excitement learning the human body from "the macro to the micro" (you'll hear that line a lot!). I'm obsessed with learning everything related to human physiology and nutrition and dive into the details not only answering basic questions ("will this make me gain weight?"), but also the mechanisms for why ("cells respond to this hormone by binding using this receptor called...") and it is all anchored in solid science...

A Health Researcher in your Pocket...

If you would like a place to turn to when you're confused about the science of your health - someone to break it down for you and explain it to you in a transparent manner, then join below 

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Understanding Creatine

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"Your research and insights have really started to enrich my life."

Aliasgar Saria

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