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Understanding Creatine

This eBook will deliver a one stop destination for all the information you might want on creatine. You will walk away with a comprehensive education, as well as tips on how to use creatine to improve your health and performance. This content is backed by over 100 studies, comes with animations, and is "to the point", yet delivers more detail than you've ever experienced.

Table of Contents

1. Basics of Creatine
2. Creatine Supplementation

3. Creatine & Muscle
4. Creatine & the Brain
5. Creatine & Exercise Performance & Rehabilitation
6. Creatine & Inflammation
7. Creatine & Notable Pathologies
8. Creatine & Aging
9. Creatine & Women
10. Creatine in Compendium
11. Creatine FAQ


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About me,

I love learning above all else, and I've released free content for over 6 years now to help bridge the gap between the public and researchers like myself. I have ambitious goals of continuing to grow Physionic in a way that will offer more people the ability to understand their body beyond the surface level understanding. By purchasing a book, course, or joining me in a workshop, you are helping me further that dream while being given a top quality educational experience to be used in your life. The Understanding Creatine book and course is my first paid venture, I feel sure it is one of the best, yet concise, works you will find on the topic.

My Credentials
Doctorate Student in Molecular Medicine / Cell & Molecular Physiology
Cell & Molecular Biology Researcher (6 years)
M.S. Exercise Physiology
ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

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