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Hire Physionic

On a personal note, if you’re looking for someone to investigate a health condition for you, maybe your physician is at a loss on what to do, or you’re interested in learning more on a topic; I can solve those mysteries for you and offer you peace of mind based on the problem at hand.

If you are an organization, I can teach individuals through proper science-based practice or I offer deep dive analyses on topics of interest (background research on supplements, health conditions, performance metrics, and anything within the scope of human physiology and nutrition).

I offer three types of service:

Base Consultation: You have a problem; I offer possible solutions based on my knowledge and the available literature.

Detailed Consultation: You want me to dissect the literature, in detail, write up notes, create an understandable flow from one conclusion to another to reach a definitive answer. You not only receive the answer, but the step-by-step notes and studies for how I reached that conclusion.

Project Consultation: You want me to do a major work for you (write a chapter of a book, do the background research behind a supplement line, teach you or a cohort everything on a topic in my field, etc.)

Email me (below) a short description of what you want solved for you and I will respond in short order.  

I do not offer medical advice, only information with which your physician can make the requisite medical recommendations.



Thanks for submitting!

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