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Nicolas Verhoeven,
Creator of Physionic

My Credentials
Doctorate Candidate in Molecular Medicine / Cell & Molecular Physiology
Cell & Molecular Biology Researcher (10 years)
M.S. Exercise Physiology
Professor of Physiology, Nutrition

Hi, my name's Nic; I'm the owner and operator of Physionic. I created Physionic, because I needed an outlet to share my giddy excitement learning the human body from "the macro to the micro" (you'll hear that line a lot!). I'm obsessed with learning everything related to human physiology and nutrition and dive into the details not only answering basic questions ("will this make me gain weight?"), but also the mechanisms for why ("cells respond to this hormone by binding this receptor called...") and it is all anchored in solid scienceI encourage discussion and debate over interpretations of scientific literature to come to the most likely truth. My plans are numerous and detailed, but ultimately, I want to bring clarity to understanding the human body, to anyone wanting a quality, university level education with added transparency. If you love science as I do, I encourage you to join the Physionic community - I'd appreciate the opportunity to learn with you. 

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