Nicolas Verhoeven

It might be a good idea for you to learn a bit about who I am before taking my word on anything. 

First off, it seems that the first thing people want to know are credentials, so here they are:


  • Doctorate Student in Molecular Medicine / Concentration: Cellular & Molecular Physiology
    Maryland School of Medicine

  • M.S. Exercise Physiology
    East Carolina University

  • Certified Personal Trainer
    American College of Sports Medicine

I am a student, a lover of science, and a passionate individual trying to make a difference in several areas of science that I feel are, either misrepresented or represented poorly. With this in mind, I would like to educate myself by my own research and, in doing so, help educate others with factual, evidence based articles and videos. No more speculation, no more ambiguity, just detailed information presented in a manner that is easy to understand without forfeiting quality, and above all, references for all. 

This brand, this website, is being built to give myself a platform with which to store information gathered over days, weeks, months of work on each article. I expect excellence of myself, yet value correctness as my first priority. 

My statement: This website will remain free for you to refer back as you please. My aim is to release a high quality article and/or video each week. I am a one man operation and must balance my own official university work with the responsibilities I am putting on myself in regards to this venture. I run the website, research, write, edit all articles, I optimize the mobile view of this website (albeit poorly), I edit the website itself, and I record and edit all the videos. 

If you have questions or thoughts, feel free to share them via email in the "Contact" tab below. 

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