The Beginner's Lifting Guide

Hi! Welcome to the FREE Physionic Beginner's Lifting Guide. You will receive a basic background on lifting fundamentals, as well as a brief education on how to create your own program that will lead to gaining lean mass/muscle in an efficient, science based manner. Along with the brief guide, you will receive a self-calculating template. This template is for those that may still be confused on how to program and just want to have the work calculated for them - I still encourage you to learn the basics, because that is the way you will maximize your progress. 

If you find this beneficial, I would deeply appreciate if you simply share Physionic (via YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or any other means) to spread the word - that's it!

The guide and template will likely improve over time, but will remain free, so be sure to add yourself to the email list for updated versions:

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