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1. If your commentary is rude, you will be banned without warning.

2. Your comments should be specific (I disagree with X, because of Y) and not general statements without scientific basis, nor appeals to authority.

3. You may critique my analysis of a study (methods, statistics, etc.) or present alternative studies (for the latter, please submit why you feel this study is more appropriate - linking a study on its own does not help me gain context and perspective.)

4. Critique in good faith: I am not perfect and I do make mistakes, but I have also earned my PhD and Masters in the fields we are discussing, so I ask you treat me with respect considering I dedicate my life to my craft.

5. Fill out all the fields below - knowing if you understood the content you are critiquing allows me to gauge how to approach your critique (even if you miss the point, I will try to respond, assuming the other rules are fulfilled.)

Warning: Do not contact me with content suggestions or anything not related to critique - this channel is for critique only, and I will be forced to ban your email to avoid clogging up this channel for critique.

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